World Health Organisation Symposium

World Health Organisation Symposium on the Future of Digital Health Systems, 6–8 February 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Over the 3 days, the event featured an array of high-level speakers and panellists, including several ministers of health from European countries. It offered more than 25 parallel sessions on topics ranging from artificial intelligence and interoperability to governance and ethics. Experts at the event highlighted that the governance of digital health systems requires urgent attention, and that credibility and public trust are essential to realizing the full potential of digital health. New standards and regulatory approaches are needed to ensure security and transparency so that patients are confident in the use of their data. Building this trust requires political will to take responsibility and to lead, and to ensure that misuse of technologies is prevented. John Oates presented and led a session on current trends in research ethics, including description of PRO-RES and its aims.