The Accord

As signatories to this Accord:

  • We commit to only use research that is undertaken ethically.
  • We recognise that an underpinning by high quality research and evidence, including policy appraisals and evaluations, is a pre-condition for evidence-based policy-/decision-making, and hence rational policy actions and outcomes.
  • We will seek to employ high quality evidence that has been gathered, collated and analysed using sound, robust and ethical methods.
  • We will attempt to ensure that the funding, management, conduct, dissemination and governance of research meets high standards of ethics and integrity.
  • As individuals and institutions involved in collecting and/or using evidence in policymaking, we aim to be transparent on how the high quality of that evidence is assured and will flag up any potential conflicts of interest.
  • We agree that the independence and integrity of individuals responsible for the gathering of research evidence and its use in policymaking must be respected and supported in ways that ensure the evidence they produce is neither biased nor misleading.