Strategic Objectives

The main objective is supported by the following 7 strategic objectives:

1. Identify and categorise stakeholders, guidelines and codes, across the EU area and across non-medical disciplines, to ensure that the organisation and channelling of expertise, in the context of policy advice, is well understood.

2. Activate and engage stakeholders across the EU and across disciplines.

3. Construct a normative framework for evidence based policy originating from cutting edge research responses to ethical challenges.

4. Understand the implications and pragmatic issues that are entailed in the implementation of such a framework at a national level and analyse the relationship between science based policy advice, responsible conduct of research and research ethics.

5. Ensure that the produced framework is sustainable and adaptive and can anticipate future needs that may arise from new scientific discoveries and new available technologies.

6. Provide a toolbox to policy makers to monitor ethical use of research results and be able to perform impact evaluation and gauge the socio-economic impact of not conducting responsible research.

7. Ensure that the needs of society are well encapsulated in the framework.