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The Pledge for Election Integrity 

The Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity is a transatlantic, bi-partisan group of political, tech, business and media leaders that seeks to foster a more collective approach to preventing the next wave of foreign election interference.

UK Areas of Research Interest (ARIs)

Areas of Research Interest (ARIs) are lists of policy issues or questions. They are a way for an organisation to express interest in seeing more research evidence in certain topics. UK Government departments began producing ARIs in response to the Nurse review of UK Research Councils in 2015. ARIs are publicly available documents outlining what the most important research questions are for each Government department. They were designed to create a more strategic approach to research and to enhance dialogue with academia. Since then, other public and third sector bodies (such as What Works Centres and charities) have also begun producing ARIs.

Missing Evidence: An inquiry into the delayed publication of government-commissioned research 

This review of the UK Government looks at how much government research gets published, how much is kept hidden and why. It contains a section of recommendations and remedies to ensure the governmental use of evidence is more transparent and in the public interest. The advice could equally apply to other governments.