”Ethics matters Conference”

‘The role of ethics and integrity in influencing policy-making in all non-medical research’ Ethics matters Conference held at Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, on 4th February 2020. The conference aimed to explore the relationship between evidence-based policy advice and research ethics and integrity in non-medical research.

High-level discussion: Ethics in economics and finance research

The Schumacher Institute, Create Centre,  21 November 2019, Bristol, UK

Economic and Social Research Council funded workshop

‘Differential respondent incentives’, 7 June 2019, London, UK

24th meeting of the National Ethics Councils (NEC)

24th meeting of the National Ethics Councils (NEC) Forum in Iasi, Romania, 4-5 April, 2019

World Health Organisation Symposium

World Health Organisation Symposium on the Future of Digital Health Systems, 6–8 February 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

Westminster Higher Education Forum Seminar

Protecting Research Integrity: reproducibility, the impact of the REF and improving governance Thursday 11th October 2018, London, U.K.